A Million Times Better Than The "Back of a Napkin"

With Leverage, you can connect with a lender or walk into your own ready to fund a deal.


Putting Money in Your Hands

Leverage was created by entrepreneur and real estate developer John Matheson, with Sean Frischmann and the software engineering team at Pellerum, who wanted to change the way millions of agents, investors, and business owners went about getting financing for their deals.

Over the past 25 years, John has closed hundreds of real estate deals while working with dozens of banking institutions, seeing firsthand the mistakes his fellow investors were making - and the opportunities his banking “friends” were missing.

With Leverage, John, Sean, and the Pellerum team took a bold leap towards leveling the playing field for anyone seeking financing. Through the Leverage Calculator, anyone can on their own quickly go through a detailed analysis of their deal and determine whether the deal is fundable - using the same calculation a lender would make!

Today anyone seeking funding on a commercial or income property can use Leverage to run the right numbers, score their deal, connect to a lender for free, or take a Leverage pre-qualification report with them to their own lender.

This all adds up to a future that is bright and funded for all. Join the growing numbers of users putting money in their hands with Leverage.

Our software has given people the confidence to walk into a bank or lender and start their funding conversation on their terms. Technology can do that for you today. It’s a new way for all of us to control our financing origination process. Whether you are just starting out with property investing or business financing or have 30 years of experience under your belt. I say this all the time: Who wouldn't want to know if they pre-qualified for what they need before they apply?

John Matheson
Founder, Leverage